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Melbourne sightseeing

Katies sight seeing tours of Melbourne

I had a lot of shifts and it´s time to enjoy the days off in between. So I decided on Monday the 1. Feb. to do a bit of sight seeing in Melbourne and went to the city together with our camping-friends Jan and Katrin. We got in by car and went to the Eureka-tower first. It´s the biggest tower of Melbourne and I´m sure you´d have a fantastic view down to Melbourne. But we didn´t do it today, just got there to check the prices. Maybe next time 🙂 Much remains to be done in Australia !

It was already hot outside and there wasn´t a long consideration to decide: it´s Ice-time!!! Special offer at Mc Donalds : Ice cone! Price: 50 Cents (ca 30 european cent) the heaven for backpackers 🙂
Than we catched the Touri-Tram to do a slow ride around Melbourne. It´s a historical Free City Circle Tram, which operates in a circular route passing many major attractions. Along the way you can listen to an automatic audio commentary city guide which announces points of interests.

Have a look at the pictures, the Tram is soooo cute! 🙂

After that we did a walk through the city, passing Chinatown. At last we got hungry and sat down to grab a sub.

There I´ve got the call from Jana: Where are you, honey? 🙂 We met at Subways and after a relaxed talking Jana and me left, to walk down to the river… Omg, I guess we haven´t seen each other for four weeks. 😉 Time for a long talk, and a big, delicious Chocolate-cake… and another one 🙂

This evening I made the acquaintance of Jana´s french friends.. Wine, talking, laughing…
The night I stood in Janas flat. Enjoying the unusual comfort being in a real house, sleeping in a real bed or couch (but that is another story). Nevertheless I love Bruce, our home and car!
Next day was a lazy day. We went to brighton beach, did a swim, relaxed.
Holiday feeling!!!
At the evening I went back to the Caravanpark by bus. 1h bus-trip, but nice 🙂

Monday again, the 8th of Feb.
One week later it was time for the next trip to Melbourne. Again with Jan and Katrin. This time we didn´t trust Deans advice of free parking areas. Last time we paid 6 AD for 6 hours instead of 1,50 AD per day. I think I know the better parking areas, and yeah, I was right, his free parking would have been 2,40 AD per hour … tssss 🙂 Maybe they`re paying him for giving wrong advices *hehe

We went to the „National Gallerie of Victoria“. It´s nice (especially the movie were some freaking people cut the „dead“-surfboards… I can´t explain… just : weird !!!
But the thing I loved the most was the front. A huge window, water is circularing, from the ceiling to the bottom. And your looking through the window and through the waterfall flowing over it 🙂

We did a walk trough the botanic garden and to the „Shrine of Remembrance“ We couldn´t go inside because as we arrived they were just striking the flag, sign for closing. But we walked around. Amazing!
Last but not least we went to brighton beach. It had been a very hot day and so we were so happy to do a swim. Waaaater !!! Jippiiieee! 🙂

Than back to our lovely home. To cook some Noodles, play „shithead“ ( you can´t stay in Australia as backpacker without getting to know this game 🙂 ) and enjoy a glass of wine…
It was a really nice day !!! 🙂