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Looking for a Job

A new year, a new life, a new language. Everything changes, but is still the same… 🙂
Okay, I think it´s time to change the language. German is still in use, sure… I´m travelling with german people and there are so many bloody germans all around Australia, what the hell are they doing here? 😉
What did I want to say? Ah yes, a new year and slowly, slowly it´s time to get a job. Time passes by so fast…
So what will I need to get a job? A Resume! An australian Resume is different to a german one. Employers here are more interested in jobs you have done, responsibilities, achievements and less in stuff like, when you are born, family, languages etc.
So, let´s do it, let´s rock to get a job! Thaaanks to Jo our sweet english tent-neighbour, and to Dean, my favourite owner of the Caravanpark, for correcting my resume! 🙂
Getting a job at last wasn´t as bad as I thought. Probably because we´re staying in a Caravanpark at about 30 km north-east from Melbourne and here are not so many other backpackers, more australian campers. One day to finish the resume and another one to get to Melbourne to print it out. It took more time to decide what kind of jobs I can do. I didn´t expect that I would miss my pregnant women so soon, but listening to my heart, what I would like to do is to go looking for a job in a hospital first. I did some research using the internet and figured out that nurses are really wanted in Australia and well paid (like a lot of people told me) but if you would like to work as a nurse or a midwife, you have to be registered at the Nurses Board of Victoria (or from the Nurses Board of another state of Australia, depending on where you would like to work). Therefore you´ll need a special english exam and it takes a couple of weeks to get a registration. Doesn´t matter, sure I would do the exam, but in a couple of weeks I´m leaving Victoria, probably before I could start working here and than I would have to change the registration again. Every state has its own laws about that… finally I cancelled my plans about working in a hospital for the time being. A new year, a new country, a new life and : I think it´s time to get a new job. 🙂
So I started my walk through Warrandyte ( a little suburb of Melbourne) asking in some Cafes and a bakery for a job. And at the evening I´d got a trial as a waitress next sunday and a job interview next Saturday.

Time passes by… I got the jobs. One in Warrandyte every Sunday as a waitress. And I´m working in a little Tea house in the middle of a gardening centre (Nursery) just at the other site of the road from my home sweet home ( 5 minutes walk to get to work, jippiiieee!) Got some shifts there as a waitress, and some shifts in the Nursery and sometimes I´m doing the cleaning in the evening.
It´s a good feeling for the moment to do some work and having the same place to sleep every night. The job I love the most, is the one in the Nursery. Working outside, doing some watering, weeding, pricing, raking, all in the middle of such a plenty beaaaaauuutifuuul flowers in every colour you can imagine. It´s gorgeous!!! I llloooove it !!! 🙂
And I like the people who´re working there 🙂
Hip hip horray for Bill (my boss), Neil (his brother), Richard (my second boss in the Nursery) and Rod (the kitchen-king) and Carla, and Matt and Sarah and Glen and and and ….. hip hip horray !!!
¥eah, it sounds good, but nevertheless it´s hard work!!!
Probably we´ll stay here until March. To save some money. And than… back on the road again.

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